Unit Commissioner patch

  District Commissioner  
Michael Allison tvcommissioners@gmail.com Troop 924, Troop 900, and all others not listed by other Commissioner
  Assistant District Commissioner  
John Wiedemeier johnrwiedemeier@gmail.com Exploring
Linda Ransom lindamransom@comcast.net Newsletter
Mike Ransom
milkransom@comcast.net Pack 969
Pack 914
Pack 915
  Roundtable Commissioner  
Peter Zischka zischkap@hotmail.com Roundtable Scouts, BSA
Jeff Biehl jsbiehl@yahoo.com Roundtable Cub Scout
  Livermore Unit Commissioner  
Richard Bailey rrbailey39@gmail.com Troop 903
Pack 903
Joey Cruz t924committeechairman@gmail.com Pack 950
Pack 951
Pack 966
Greg Dyson dyson_greg@hotmail.com Pack 942
Troop 942
Troop 999
David Fliehr acftfliehr@gmail.com Troop 941
Pack 944
Troop 975
Linda Ransom lindamransom@comcast.net Troop 968
Troop 998g
Mike Ransom milkransom@comcast.net Pack 969
Pack 914
Pack 915
Kyle Sinding ksinding24@gmail.com Troop 911
Pack 948
Troop 939
  Pleasanton Unit Commissioner  
Patrick Markel pmarkel@gmail.com Pack 986
Pat Shaughnessy patnpat98@gmail.com Pack 910
Pack 938
Troop 948
  Dublin Unit Commissioner  
Jim Kohnke kohnkejames@troop941.org Troop 916
Pack 546

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Commissioner service please contact Mike Allison via email at tvcommissioners@gmail.com.